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MAGICLOUD GALAXY 4500-V2H airbed mattress

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CLICK Side Bar Links for more detailed air beds photos and information about GALAXY MODEL airbed mattress pump,  air beds foundation, air bed mattresses bladders and FACTORY DIRECT SHIP Prices.

Combining all the best airbed mattress quality features you need in constructing premium adjustable air beds, the beautiful GALAXY Model offers our customers on a budget a way to sleep on a "LUXURY" discount air bed mattress. Using our easy to adjust "One-Touch" air bed mattresses pump system and a gorgeous Berkhart REMOVABLE FOR DRY CLEANING Damask pillowtop - you save even more money FACTORY DIRECT without sacrificing any major "ultra-quality" components that make MagiCloud air beds the BEST BUY online.

air bed mattress & airbed mattressesThe Incredible GALAXY 4500-V2H AIRBED MATTRESS features BED BARGAIN'S EXCLUSIVE 'multi-layered strength-comfort construction'. Beautiful Damask fabric V-Shape Zippered Pillowtop. People who suffer from sleep disorders like insomnia often fall asleep faster and into the deeper restful REM sleep stages longer on an airbed mattress. Simply let your body's natural HEAT AND WEIGHT cause the viscous celled memory foam topper to "COPY YOUR PERSONAL

airbeds mattresses & air bed mattresses

Our super-quiet "ONE-TOUCH" fast and dependable air pump system combined with the two controllers allow each side of the bed to be adjusted to the exact firmness and comfort level you desire on each side of the bed to your own personal firmness so each partner can select their own EXACT comfort level using simple 'dual-button' controllers.

This heavy-duty air pump fits out of sight under your bed and is proven over many years of use in thousands of homes.

air bed mattress & air bed mattresses & airbed mattress24 Gauge Heavy-Duty vulcanized Rubber/Canvas Air Bladders are the 'INDUSTRY STANDARD' used by virtually every PREMIUM LINE airbed mattress manufacturer. Adjustable on each side and perfect center connection for "across the entire mattress surface" comfort. SUPER-STRENGTH "I-BEAM" interior sectional construction and NEW extra heavy duty air hoses with "quick snap" connections.

airbed mattress & memory foam pads & air bed mattresses  INTERIOR COMFORT FOAM LAYER - Your adjustable MagiCloud air mattress includes a special built-in HIGH DENSITY comfort pad over the DUAL-SIDED air bladders so you'll think you're sleeping on a Magic Cloud. Our ECONOMICAL "GALAXY 4500-V2H" Model includes our 2" Thick HIGH-DENSITY Pad PLUS the 2" HERCULES "Health Cover" Memory Foam Top Pad.  Enjoy your day by enjoying "the DREAM of sleeping on a MAGICCLOUD AIRBED MATTRESS".

air bed mattresses & airbed mattress & air bedsOur SERTA PADDED Memory Foam with MAGICLOUD air bed mattresses are made with our "exclusive combination of space-age fabric cover materials" with special properties that allow your mattress to effortlessly sculpt and mold to your body's EXACT shape. You've seen all those television commercials for the non-adjustable viscous celled foam beds using thier own "brand name" for the visco memory foam like our's is "SERTA BRAND" memory foam - the higher quality visco elastic foam pads as the main "comfort layer" will make your airbed mattress feel  like "sleeping on a magic cloud". If you can afford it we HIGHLY recommend the airbed mattress contains it. And the "THICKER the MEMORY FOAM the BETTER the AIRBED."

airbed mattress memory foamair bed mattress & visco memory foamThe MagiCloud brands airbed mattress feature GENUINE VISCO MEMORY FOAM designed by the NASA Space Agency and uses your body's heat and pressure to conform to your exact body shape as you sleep. This creates an individualized sleeping surface that offers better support than traditional foams.  People with allergies aggravated by dust mites will LOVE an airbed mattress with it's removable cover that can be dry cleaned combined with the visco memory foam which does not allow dust mite colonies to penetrate it's viscous cell structure.

  FREE SALE! MagiCloud Brand air bed mattresses feature visco memory foam layer combined with our 'EXCLUSIVE' "Space-Age HERCULES FABRIC STRETCH KNIT ANTI-DUST MITE BREATHABLE WATERPROOF COVER PROTECTION" Health Cover you enjoy the benefits of all three combined - COMFORT, HEALTH and DURABILITY.

air bed mattress dust mites protectionThe zippered removable cover made of our incredible anti-dust mite, breathable and waterproof zippered stretch-knit cover material is also machine washable so your airbeds pillowtop stays super-clean and healthy for many years.

This gives you the highest quality HEALTH and STRENGTH PROTECTION of any air bed mattress on the market today.  

air bed mattresses & smart airbed mattresses shopping onlineSMART AIR BED MATTRESSES SHOPPING & HERCULES "LUXURY 4 POUND DENSITY SERTA PAD" VISCO MEMORY FOAM COMFORT LAYER Adjustable airbed mattresses include the "EXCLUSIVE" HERCULES 'Space-Age' HEALTH FABRIC and 2" Thick Visco Memory Foam Cover System. This PROTECTS and REINFORCES your airbed mattress for many years of healthy sleep. Protect your memory foam from damage. Prevent Dust Mites. Washable, breathable and waterproof zip-on cover. PROTECT YOUR MATTRESS INVESTMENT!!!   FREE with Airbed Purchase SALE!!!  - HERCULES PAD is Regular $399.00 to $499.00 EXTRA.

airbed mattress & air beds mattress sling supportsSUPER-STRONG "TIETEX" FABRIC SLING SUPPORT SYSTEM holding your DUAL-SIDE air beds mattress bladders.

Prevents 'bowing out' of airbed mattress sides or outer seam and zipper damage over time from pressures exerted from air bladders pushing outward as your body weight pushes downward.  Understanding how your body and brain benefits from a higher percentage of deep rem (restful Radid Eye Movement DREAM SLEEP
STAGE) sleep is the key to why so many people have turned to the adjustable airbed mattress.

airbed mattress foundation & air bed mattressesOur optional NEW SUPER-STRONG metal foundation(SHOWN) and airbed mattress frame combination system is the finest in the air bed mattresses industry.

OPTIONS NOTE: Foundations also available with wood legs or legs with roller casters for the same price. Photo shows Solid Metal Base Foundation.

Easy to set up in just minutes, you don't need to buy a separate metal bed frame for extra savings. Many air bed mattresses are offered with a pre-made wooden framed foundation and must be shipped by a freight trucking company. Our foundations are super-strong METAL FRAMES that come shipped by UPS and offer both STRENGTH for a lifetime as well as avoiding potentially costly TRUCKING COMPANY DELIVERY OR DAMAGE PROBLEMS.

Matching airbed mattress has a matching color DAMASK FABRIC COVER simply slips over the top so it will match any air bed mattress you choose.

The beautiful GALAXY-V2H MODEL airbed combines the quality features and unbelievable Factory Direct Ship Price that will have you sleeping with a smile on your face !!!

air beds digital number airbed mattresses select air bed comfort discount Air Bed Mattresses FACTORY DIRECT SHIP PRICES adjustable comfort level memory control select digital number air beds & visco memory foamFACTORY DIRECT SHIP PRICE AIR BEDS MATTRESSES

 Air Bed Bargain "EXCLUSIVE" MAGICLOUD air beds mattresses with visco memory foam and adjustable comfort level memory control select digital number air beds at FACTORY DIRECT SHIP PRICES.  visco foam air beds  airbed   airbed mattresses   air bed comparison links  

FACTORY DIRECT SHIP: 1-919-374-8009


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Airbeds Mattress Factory Direct Ship Prices with Dual Sided Adjustable Control & Airbed Mattresses with Memory Foam featuring HERCULES Health Covers



Shopping for a new air beds mattress is a big decision. Buying an air bed mattress online can mean huge savings on  high quality air bed mattresses. But like any other purchase you can end up buying airbeds from the wrong place where cheaply air bed mattress products are sold by fast-talking commissioned salespeople. SHOP SMART!

Compare our EXTREMELY HIGH QUALITY "Dual-Sided" Heavy-Duty VULCANIZED CANVAS RUBBER air beds mattresses and "PREMIUM ULTRA-QUIET" Digital Memory Air Pump System to others on the market - you will see why we are the LEADER IN QUALITY & DISCOUNT AIRBEDS FACTORY DIRECT SHIP air bed mattress prices.

COMPARE QUALITY FEATURES SIDE-BY-SIDE FOR YOURSELF and SEE THE DIFFERENCE: Factory Direct Ship air beds bargains airbeds factory direct prices offering "EXCLUSIVE" Magicloud Brand memory foam airbeds mattresses.

The air beds discounters factory direct ship MAGICLOUD FACTORY DIRECT AIR BEDS at unbelievable airbeds factory direct prices!

Memory Foam air beds sleep disorders help your bad back and insomnia sleep problems PLUS huge savings because we pass along our incredible airbeds mattresses factory direct ship SAVINGS - DIRECTLY TO YOU!

air beds at factory direct ship prices exclusively from factorydirectship.com features the plush UNIVERSE magicloud air beds mattress with memory foam and talalay latex foam comfort pads and premium digital memory dual controllers air pump system.

air beds factory direct ship prices exclusively from factorydirectship.com features the plush GALAXY air beds mattress with memory foam and talalay latex foam comfort pads and premium digital memory dual controllers air pump system.

Premium digital memory dual controllers air pump system with upgraded hose connections, auto-fill, dual-memory, and 2 controllers included with this PREMIUM QUALITY "ULTRA-QUIET" air beds mattress pump - INCLUDED AT NO "UPSELL" EXTRA CHARGE!!!